Opera House in Storm                                  Walk in the Clouds

Coogee Beach                                     Bondi Beach

Fly Fly Airplane                                   Moon            

Little Manly                                 Respite    

          Red Bench                                   Fairy Tail Story

       Give Way                                  Mexicanish

Let's Read, Shall We?                                 China Town            

Gloomy Afternoon                                  Shopaholic       

      Low Sky                                   Mail Box

     Behind Bars                                    Camping Car

Out of Window                                  Samuel       

Queen Victoria Building                                  News Paper Section 

Peacock in pride                                 Card Holder   

Child's Leather Shoes                          Black Hole                                                                  

Night Cat                            Stillness                                                  

                                                             Dried Flowers                         Kodak Starmite 

Collage 1                                 Collage 2                                                           

"The city always changes, and that transformation gives us different feelings.
Sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly or violent and,
conversely, it seems philosophical.
The city may contain a lot of images more than anything.
My aspect and yours, alive and dead,
past and future, imaginative and existent,
sensible and even insensible..."

                                                                                                                                   Chloe Kang